LED Lighting

Daytime Rnning  Lights (DRL) are designed to

increase visibility of your vehicle during daylight hours.

They are low power and appear very different to your usual headlights that you would use at night


Super Brite LED Running Lights



  • LED DRL’s require about 90% less power than using your low beams
  • No light-source replacement
  • Extremely long service life of at least 15,000 hours (Approx. 30x longer than a normal filament bulb)
  • SAE Approved
  • LED Multivolt™ technology
  • Daytime running lights provide more safety than low beams.

Optimum light from the combination of Power LEDs and precision individual reflector


LED Daytime Running Lights

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48" Tail / Brake light

48″ Tail / Brake Light