Fund Raiser

Waterfront Auto Complex announces its 2016 / 2017

Fundraiser Program

Car wash fundraisers are a proven money-maker in virtually every community. All you need are willing volunteers.Your organization can raise money fast with the new 2016 Fundraiser Card from the Waterfront Auto Complex. With an offer valued at $12, the 2016 Fundraiser Card provides a practical, self- selling fundraising solution for your school, club or organization.

The 2016 Fundraiser Card is:
Personalized with your organization’s name and logo!
Easy sale
Great value ($12)             
 Can be used as a gift
Simple price point
$5 returned to you!

Your fundraisers carwash success no longer has to depend on the weather. If you have 30 volunteers and each sell only 10 washes, you can easily raise $1500.00  for your organization, and the donor has up to six months use the car wash and we do all the work.

 Call for Details  412-462-9309

This program is a highly profitable solution that lets you work “smarter” not harder because — You can raise more money since you can sell more than one ticket at a time, Rain won’t dampen your profit potential, The length of selling time is at your discretion (sell tickets all year long if you choose), and Customers will appreciate the convenience and flexibility the coupons offer.

Great Fundraiser Idea !